They're Trying To Kill You


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released September 15, 2011

Producer: Brandon Carter
All Keyboars, Guitar, and Drums played by Brandon Carter.
All Bass Played Rasko Ristic and Brandon Carter



all rights reserved



Producer / Rapper From South Side Chicago. I now live in Queens NY.

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Track Name: They're Trying to Kill You
They're Trying to Kill You

(Verse #1)

Obama killed Osama
But that wont help the Mama’s
or all the soldiers that die
And gave they lives
to make them Profits...

...for the Rich. They getting richer
While the poor are not acknowledged
And if you get the picture its
no coincidence they got us

living from check to check
while the rest of us living jobless
to pay your dept from your collage
gotta get a second job at starbucks

Treat us with no respect and I guess
cuz they brain washed us
thinking that life is best when you get
material objects

They holding you hostage
got you quick to empty your pockets
for things the go obsolete in a week
and then they end up in your garbage

Thats when you re-enter the possess
marketing business sit in there office
trying to convince you they giving you products
that offer progress
all of its non-sense

I’m nauseous
knowing the bail outs financial systems get
from Congress
but if you poor then they not even interested

all the prison systems is big business
that gotta get profits, so niggas get
hit with the stiffest sentences

They're Trying To Kill You
They put you in a grave
so they get paid
no ones safe

They're Trying To Kill You
Taking your rights away
till your enslaved
thats the way

They're Trying To Kill You
To get they're money right
They will take your life
They aint right

They're Trying To Kill You
Politicians aint on your side
better think twice
time to fight

They're Trying To Kill You

(verse 2)

Bush Killed Sadaam
But that wont right the wrongs
of all the money spent on war
while the poor
try to hold on

We should be taking care em
instead of dropping them bombs
we really fight terrorism
or we fighting Islam?

That Holy war aint working
Mosque and Churches
get it straight

Because i know for certain
the verses dont advocate

you killing another person
or hurting them for there faith

Al-Qaeda wont see the virgins
Bush wont see no pearly Gates

You living a lie,
you see what i mean when
you spending eternity burning in fire
your servants will find,
you below the surface
your criminal purpose
dont serve the divine
you gonna find,
you work for the serpent
when turning to crime
or murdering,
should have been working for peace
not certain but we
should certainly try!

no going back
the enemies the banks too
politics they owing that
so they can buy and trade you

Job wages rolling back
man they tryna enslave you
Obama works for Goldman Sachs
how he gonna save you?
Track Name: 50 Shots (Fuck The Police 2012) (Ft Troy Ave)
50 Shots (Fuck The Police 2012)

(hook #1)
I got no love the the crooked cops
I’m down to send them back them
50 shots, 50 shot
I don't let em get away with it
nah don't let em get away with it
And you wont never see me running from the police
want me to provoke, leave me bloody in the cold streets
But I wont let em get away with it
nah dont let them get away with it

(Verse #1)

They supposed to serve and protect us
but they murder and arrest us.
Working for their pensions
They hurt us to get confessions
Time you getting the message
better be riding with your weapon
cuz they providing no protection
taking your life is their profession
As long as your black
and you live in this nation
police harass
you and get in your faces
hoping you match
the one from their cases
Stop you ask
for identification
We aint taking the right to remain silent
we’ll fight with the same violence
that law enforcement is getting away with
Spit in the faces
of punk cops they not for real
using intimidation
just hiding behind the shield
They pull women over and pat em down just to cop a feel
So I don't shed a tear when i hear a cop is killed!

(Hook #2)
And you wont never see me running from the police
want me to provoke, leave me bloody in the cold streets
But I wont let them get away with it
no i wont let them get away with it
And you know if theres no Justice than there no peace
how can you approach me when you dont even know me
I wont let them get away with it
nah dont let them get away with it

(verse #2) Troy Ave
Running Wild Like a dog going stray
Yelling Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Selling Yay
Tell you what the pay depending on what it weigh
Counting chips no Bon Ton Nigga Relay
The Game EA, Balling 2k
Take mines off the top, yeah the profit toupee
Money on my Mind, I'm so in love with the grind
Life's a side bitch and I fuck her from behind
She feel her spine, you niggaz spineless
Getting caught for the crimes, how you make your time less?
Putting police on another niggaz steps
Fake real niggaz what the fuck did I expect
PrePaid legal another lawyer on retainer
Be out the next day, Put the bail up, HANGER
Case Closed, No garments from the feds
You will never see me run, I will kill a witness dead

(Repeat hook #2)

(Verse #3)

Michael Vick got 7 years for killing a Dog
The pigs killed Sean Bell and got nothing at all
They fired 50 shots, they was busting em off
at Sean and 2 of his friends, wasn't none of em armed
Sean was only 23, it was the night before his wedding
the bachelor party ended, to the crib he was headed
4 under-covers ran up on him but they never said that they was cops
so Sean thought that he was getting robbed
so he hoped in his vehicle and tried to speed off
but the cops pulled them hammers out and let them things off
and they shot 50 rounds a 3 innocent men, wonder how
still “not guilty” they was found

(repeat hook #2
Track Name: When The Levee Breaks
When The Levee Breaks

If it keeps on raining
Levee’s gonna brake

If it keeps on raining
Levee’s gonna break

and when the levee’s gone
my home is gone away

Verse #1

They tryna pass bills
"Drill Baby Drill"
But the fish get all the oil when its filled in their gills

Eating it aint safe
Toxic still in our meals
Mother Nature getting raped
oil spill after spill

And I cant overstate
how bad it is that we live in
a society that placed
our planet in that condition

and how do you repay
families that make their living
off of tourism and fishing
you ruined their condition
of life

Aint no controlling them
these corporations aint doing right
They caring only when
their stock is going lower in price

They acting phony when
They saying them lies
British Petroleum got rich from New Orleans demise


If it keeps on raining
Levee's gonna break

If it keeps on raining
Levee's gonna break

and when the levee's gone
my home is gone away

(Verse 2)

2,000 Americans
were killed in New Orleans
I found it embarrassing
our Government ignored them

and provided no action
but i wonder what would have happened
if it had happened in "The Hamptons"
The support would have poured in

New Orleans was waiting for help
enduring that pain that it felt
the President wouldn't do nothing
people resorted to saving themselves

At least they tried to
but too may of them aint have time to
survive through
the time that it took for Bush to come to the Bayou

The levees broke and Sea level was reaching the peak
leaving the people to sleep in the streets
thinking that FEMA would bring the relief

But once you lose your home
youre thrown in the Super-Dome
You thought America cared about poor people?
You was WRONG!!!
Track Name: Slave To The Dollar (Ft. Malik 16)
Slave To The Dollar (Ft. Malik 16)

(verse #1 Preformed by Malik 16)

Slave on Paper, Gimmie 3 Fifths
I slave on Paper, Gimmie 3 shifts
And If I raise a debate up gimme Jesus
And tell me look to him, no i cant see him
Knowing that we all just worshiping the dollar
So they put the name of GOD on it to make it ironic
Wit his eye on it, just so he can oversee me
feel like being chased by triple K, chasing triple G’s
it will grow off trees, but its made from it
guess its poetry that hangs from it
alot change, but its no its no breakthrough
so we got alot of chains which is made one loop
and we keep sampling it, and singing the same song
same spiritual same damn roots
so i dont feel niggaz talking bout “WE IN DA HOUSE”
so imma feel niggaz so you know what im about

I’m slave to a dollar
run away, run away but you better off running with me
I’m slave to a dollar
run away run away for that money because freedom ain't free
I’m slave to a dollar dollar
I’m slave to a dollar dollar

(verse #2)
Tell me how it feel
you dont want to work but you gotta pay the bills
and you seeing how we are slaves
to an hourly wage
Cubicles replaced the Cotton Fields
Americans, we asked for the dream
we servants in a world where the cash is the king
nah its not about white or black
dont make light of the fact
that were slaves, and master is Green
no plantations, he got us in the office
wanna get raises, suck up to the bosses
nah, he aint got a cotton gin
but he got you clocking in
till the end cuz you gotta get dollars
run away? hell no
he got you hostage
underground railroad
is nothing but a coffin
and you might go to jail for
being dishonest
money rules the world... we just living on it

(repeat hook)

(verse #3 Preformed by Malik 16)

Even the NBA trade niggaz for paper,
I'm a victim of numbers, look what my name is (16)
in many ways I am on that slave ship
cuz everyday I'm waiting for payment
From another mans hand, damn
feels like I'm another mans man
my fiances be on some gay shit
but independent wealth can be my Amistad
its either that or I jump off or a shots involved
I can live off the grid and be a cast away
tom hanks my raft away from what master say
i could bomb banks, but everything got master name
Master Card fuck wit me alone that's that Master-bate
Even got me going back for a Masters Degree,
so i can have No Limits and Master the P,
that's why C-H-I -logy doing something that you love to break the slave mentality
Track Name: First Lady
First Lady


I need a chick like Michelle Obama
Got class, all her kids got the same Fathers

I need a chick like Michelle Obama
Fat Ass, intelligent so theres no drama

First Lady
First Lady
First Lady
Girl you looking like a...

First Lady
First Lady
First Lady

(verse #2)

Dont believe in the lies
you dont need to rely
on them cosmetics for me to think that your fly

Beauty is skin deep
so anything that you buy
couldn't even compete with what i see in your mind

you stop traffic when you walk in this direction
but you never see it when your all in your reflection

you dont need implants
or collagen injections
you just need to sit back
acknowledge your perfection

Im knowing god never makes mistakes
you dont need to alter your body or change your face

Magazines say diet so you change your waist
but i promise you they lying baby change your pace

Television got your mind twisted
saying you aint good enough so they can sell you lip stick

but the real you is what i want to see
but if its hidden underneath
make up and weave, i believe i might miss it

(Repeat hook)

(verse #2 )

Dont let them tell you

that you gotta be naked for you to get attention
if thats they way you get it it wont help you

cuz wont no one respect it,
if thats whats projected
thats whats expected

so i compel you
to do like Michelle do

instead of tryna rely on that fat ass
enroll in a course, apply to a damn class
you wont have to rely on a guy cuz he has cash

you fine, but your mind has
whats important, they lying to you
video hoe is not a goal to aspire to

cuz once your old and all your beauty is behind you
that booty behind you wont be there to provide you

media leads astray
I know you got more to offer than just the T&A (titties and ass)

Me and my nigga say
you should get low and twerk something
but i know you worth something
much more and im hoping you can see away

(Repeat Hook)

All my career girls
all my chicks in collage
put your hands up and tell them broke hoes about it

baby if you got your own thing
put your hands up if you got your own thang

my career girls
all my chicks in collage
put your hands up and tell them broke hoes about it

baby if you got your own thing
put your hands up if you got your own thang

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Flirting With Death (Ft. Spade)
Flirting With Death (Ft. Spade)

(Hook #1 Spade)

I’m torn between the two,
dont know witch way to go
living in a world where the top is kind of low

I’ve been faithful to you
but know I’m stepping out the door
I think i know somewhere that i can go

Life, you’ve been my Bitch
but now I gotta flirt with Death

Life, you’ve been my Bitch
but now I gotta flirt with Death

(verse #1)

I got this girl her name is “Life”, she don't treat me right.
When Im balling things are good, when I'm broke we gonna fight.

I need money to be with her, the gold-digging type.
been thinking bout leaving her and tonight I prolly might

for this other chick her name is “Death” she don't cause no stress.
dont want me for my house, my job, my car or how I dress.

dont want me for my money or the things that I possess.
The whole time she been hollering I’ve been playing hard to get.

I been seeing her often but I never took that step
cuz I was in love with life, now I'm starting to second guess.

Want love that's unconditional but I’ve settled for less.
to be with her i gave my soul but I’ve gotten regrets.

Our relationships abusive, for her I made excuses
now i notice the truth is that hoe is heartless and ruthless.

Emotions they had me clueless, now I go with my new chick
Death... goodbye Life I think its time to throw the deuces

(Repeat Hook)

(verse #2)

Me and Life looked perfect, when you see us on the surface
but when you looking deep I think that she ain't got no purpose.

No shes not complete and I can see it so I'm searching
for peace. I only get it when I’m sleep, so is it worth it?

Ma’ma said “shes a blessing”, but she’s always testing.
I gave her all my time but now its time to change directions.

Scared to leave cuz I ain't know how Death was.
I’ve seen her all the time in the Chi, her and I must be destined.

Looked Death in the eyes and she showed me
I had no worries if I’m on here side so I'm going.

No shes not an angel, and she never lonely
been with dudes round my way back in the day and she even smashed the homies.

Don't care about the others,know I'm gonna get her
cuz i cant make no other decision once I'm with her.
Tell my momma I love her, tell my niggaz poor the liquor.
And Life was a bitch, I'm sorry I had to diss her.

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Do It Live (ft Bill O'reilly)
Do It Live (ft Bill O'reilly)

(verse #1)

Me and O’Reilly we been doing it live
its different when he doing it, its ruining lives

supporting war for oil, men losing their lives
he don't care as long as his viewership rise

Don't believe them guys in the media
they be making money off them lies that they feeding ya

all propaganda in disguise
so rely on your eyes
they tryna control your mind so we speaking up

They say its fair and its balances
but never caring about when
banks are taking advantage of people
leaving them them there with no houses

Taking their homes and they kicking them out
Making em go and living without
all of my enemies better be out
preparing for violence

and while you sitting there on your couches
they want to control your mind and they aint scared of the challenge

Trusting media is suicide
I’m hoping that you decide
to turn off your television its better to do it live!

(verse #2)

Wall St greed and Tea Party insanity
can it be, cuz of the lies of Sean Hannity

and Limbaugh
They be telling lies to get white people
pissed off
so they control there minds gradually

They hating on the Muslims and the Mexicans
tryna push em out the country or they aint gonna let them in

But this nation was built on immigration
but see they hating, when your skin got that melanin

People getting shot
never protected
cuz the neighborhoods hot
and its weapon infested

cuz of the 2nd amendment
that you defended
but machine guns
your founding fathers never intended

but them dude owned slaves
cant follow the old ways
of men that i have NEVER respected

Media got ways
to make you afraid
and once the trap is laid
they control your perspective
Track Name: Raining Outside (Ft. Chris Classic)
Raining Outside (Ft. Chris Classic)

(verse #1)

These rappers singing bout Aston Martins and Maybachs
My niggas got college loans they can never pay back

families losing their homes cuz Fannie May had
them thinking they was gonna put them on, instead they laid traps!

Its evident, money you better get and never quit
you hustle for every cent cuz unemployment's at ten percent

who these politicians represent?
they cutting people’s benefits
to give tax breaks to the rich, without raising the deficit

but it still gets raised up
everyday I wake up
to get them dead presidents

They taking taxes out my pay stub
but the place I came from
dont never see the benefits

I see the cataclysm
what happens to victims of capitalism

the rapid division
of rich and poor’s standards of living

Blacks and Latins getting packed in the prisons
Imma have to take mine... FUCK asking permission!


Its all about the money nigga better yours
cuz aint no one gonna help you when the weather gets cold

It’s raining outside
it’s raining outside

You better get your money nigga imma get mine
cuz you aint never knowing when the sun aint gonna shine

It’s raining outside
it’s raining outside

(verse #2 Preformed by Chris Classic)

better grab your umbrellas these fellas makin it rain
this aint tippin for strippin im talkin capital gains
they printin dolllas and dollas but its just pieces of paper
and keep on blamin Obama theres no policin them haters
they keep on bailin out banks.. and givin bonuses free
mean while they fire the teachers and make the cops OT
if you break down the words you know that Poly is many
and a Tick is a blood sucker you knew that already
so when u put em together and you get Politics
its just many blood suckers and they run this shit
the situation is real
most people ignore it
they killin soldiers for sport
theres no apologies for it
I just put it in rhymes
thats the way some learn
they dont control my mind
thats the way some burn
so whether 312
or either 212
or either 213
it rain the same way see...
so be strong..

(Repeat hook)

(verse # 3)

America is where the corruption and greed thrives
Lady Liberty is a Hoe for money, she lies

and I don't see why
they gave a bail out to Wall St
but they ain't do shit for Martin Luther King Drive

Where every days like a devastation
it feels dark even when daylight is penetrating

he made laws for the banks like he worked for Satin

that trickle down economics
a synonym for “Demonic”
poverty is the product
and only rich people profit

Gotta get that money, its power
get that shit in your pocket
we grinding for 24 hours
every minute the clock ticks

Cant rap about a dance
I aint switching my topics
niggas struggle to feed their fam
in them system that's toxic

nobody give him a chance
so his pistol is popping
you’d do the same if you had
children literally starving NIGGA

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Stand Out (Ft Barack Obama)
Stand Out (Ft Barack Obama)

Do you make your own decisions?
or do you follow trends?
form your own opinions?
or have you been convinced?

Have you been conditioned
by society, radio, television
deciding on how you living
and how you spend...

the money that youre getting
and you choose your friends
depending on if they fit in
and conformed like the rest

man that aint really living.
we’re trapped in this rapid consumerism
like that is the new religion
that we’re in

And I think you have to see these companies control you
we dressing like the magazines say that we supposed to

have to have the things and possessions
to be seen to get attention
by the people that we supposed to be close to

look at what we got through.
Credit card debt to convince
everybody that we’ve met
that we’re so cool

They put their names on your tags
and that brand on your chest
you can bet, that they think that they own you

Dont follow our own rules
doing what the television tells us.
Yelling what they sell plus
tell us to be selfish

not thinking for yourselves thus
help us to be helpless
so when the month is over
you gonna wonder were your wealth was

how the hell was we put in this hypnosis
now we just consumers for the rulers that provoked us

to work jobs we dont want
to buy shit we dont need
with money we dont have
just to keep up with the Joneses

We’ve lost who we are
admiring goofy stars
and not the people doing jobs

that affecting our society and how our schools evolve
TV is all “House Wives” and rappers with the newest cars

I’m sick of you niggas rapping about how cool you are
all you groupie women and how big they tits and booties are.

It must me nice, but the hood aint living like movies stars
tryna feed our children teach them to keep them heads up to the stars

you aint really getting that cash and flossin
knowing you soft as a batch of “Baskin Robbins”
your ghetto pass wont get you gas in Harlem

How can you rap about Aston Martins
when half of the planet’s inhabitants starving
or living past the margin
of poverty? its too bazaar

you are all straight lying to the kids
providing them with images of what this life aint really is
when in reality, you was just hired to convince
acquiring the chicks
and cars is what life is really meant

I’m tired of this shit
im bout to pass out

scared to have a daughter
when i am witnessing chicks with their ass out

I guess I’m throwing stones at my glass house
if you trying to fit in, you’ll never Stand Out
Track Name: Blood Money
Verse #1

Corporations want to get paid and they dont care who bleeds
Thats why my sneakers are made by children over seas
And their hourly wage is not enough to eat,
but companies get away because no one oversees.
man It’s about the G’s, better get em
Because I’ve seen the poor get ignored by the system.
But in reality I see the poor are the Victims
of this cannibal animal called capitalism.
Wheres the lack of division between the haves and the have-nots?
Chance to advance but they plan so you can not.
Get the jail route if you caught with that crack rock
get a bail out.... If your crimes are from bad stocks.
Cant stop trying to find answers
how can they deny coverage when they find cancer.
Tax breaks for the rich while the poor trying to by Pampers.
You cant prepare for the life after with your Blood Money.


Wall Street ruins lives for that Blood Money
In Iraq shoulders dying for that Blood Money

Politicians committing crimes for that Blood Money
Fox News telling lies for that Blood Money

We ignoring human rights for that Blood Money
The environment sacrificed for that Blood Money

We all going to pay the price for that Blood Money
Thats what they want from me

Verse #2

The Planet gets warmer cuz you filling up your Humvee
the cash from countries were kids going hungry.
Drug war in Mexico is getting kind of ugly
and we support it every time we buy a bag and puff trees.
You must see the terrorist that want to bomb you
get there money off the drugs you put in your nostrils.
And I support that Julian Assange dude
he showed us who we killing when we bring them bombs through!
Do what I’ve got to, I’m just tryna survive shopping that gross product from off of I-95
Because thats how we was brought up, how we was taught to survive
knowing we going to get caught up and locked up for our crimes
i’m from where the greed breed hopelessness
Politicians on the TV they dont think we notice it.
Give me a week of them Wall Street bounces
I’ll take it to the streets and feed homeless kids off of this BLOOD MONEY

Repeat Chorus